Anusandhaan Ek Shodh [ISSN 0000-0000]

ISSN: 0000 – 0000
Peer Review Process: Double – Blind Peer Review Process
Frequency of Publication: Annual [1 issues per year]
Languages: English
Accessibility: Open Access
Plagiarism Software:  PlagiarismX/ ithenticate / Grammarly

About The Journal

Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. We can each define ambition and progress for the aim is to work towards accomplishment of goals. 

The beginning has always laid down the foundation stone the direction which paves the way to a glorious future. The first step is only an abaculus to alleviate the enormous saga of learning, wisdom and attainment of goals. Talent and skills are the crops that are nurtured, groomed and given all possible opportunities to grow and boom. 

Adding a cherry on the cake, we take a new step towards the research arena as Anusandhaan Ek Shodh. Being an multidisciplinary journal, Anusandhaan Ek Shodh is an initiative of Indore Institute of Law to promote Multidisciplinary Subject research domain.

Anusandhaan Ek Shodh is the annual interdisciplinary journal of Indore Institute of Law, the journal is open to submission relating to areas of law, management, law, art, humanities, or any inter-disciplinary study. 

The present issue of Anusandhaan Ek Shodh shall focus on Legal as well as to the multidisciplinary subject and also to preference shall be given to recent developments and trends in the said research domains. All the submissions made must be original, unpublished, and up to date.

We extend our gratitude to all authors for their valuable contribution and we hope Anusandhaan Ek Shodh will bring about a new experience in the field of Law and other multidisciplinary subjects.